Trump Kisses

Here is a shot of Trump at a party back in 2005.

Bridget Marks

Trump taking photos of Playboy model Bridget Marks.

Another Kiss

Trump giving another kiss to Miss Universe 2010.

Beach Boys

Trump and Ivanka at a Beach Boys concert.

Two Chicks

A recent photo of Donald Trump kissing on a couple of ladies.

The Ladies

Another photo of Donald with a lot of chicks.

Miss USA 2009

Trump gazing deeply into the eyes on the then Miss USA.


Trump getting real close with Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

Benefit Function

Trump getting real close to a couple of scandalously dressed ladies.

Trump Smooch

Trump getting his smooch on with Miss Universe in 2012.

Playmate Lady

Trump taking photos of another Playboy Playmate.


Trump saying hi to the Clinton’s at his wedding.

Trump Cover

Trump on the front of Playboy back in the 1990’s.


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