Wondering what are the best homemade hair care tips? Check these out.

Hair strands are made of a protein called keratin plus amino acids, and each strand is like a power cord. It has an outer sheath, or cuticle, that encases the inner cortex. Your hair health depends a lot on your intake of protein, iron, vitamin C, Omega 3 and Vitamin A as well as other factors too. Let us cite 4 major reasons for substantial hair fall that can be corrected with ease.

Lifestyle is probably the most citable reason for hair fall. Stressed work-life, sedentary lifestyle, medical choices like pregnancy, childbirth, surgeries, and hormonal imbalance too rip the body of vital nutrients and leave hair lifeless. Deficiencies lead to weak hair strands that are brittle and rough.

Remedy – Eat healthy. Your daily diet should give you a rich intake of protein, iron, vitamin C, Omega 3 and Vitamin A. Stay hydrated and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day besides other healthy liquids. Also, you can visit a specialist who may give you supplements that can make your hair roots stronger.

2. Going Out

When we go out, our hair gets ripped by air pollution, humidity, sharp sunrays, and heat.
Remedy – Wear a scarf in hot weather. Use a good weather shield conditioner and shampoo. Apply hair masks and serums atleast twice a month.

3. Pills

Certain antibiotics cause hair fall, in fact, it can alter your menstrual cycle as well. They force hair strands in the growing phase (anagen) to enter the resting phase (telogen) and cause hair to shed in about two to three months.
Remedy – Talk to your doctor for alternatives if you observe a certain antibiotic or medication altering your hairfall pattern.

4. Hair Care

Your basic hair-care also impacts hair fall. Some points to always remember are using a mild shampoo and conditioner, never comb your hair when wet and avoid using heat on your hair. As it strips the moisture content from your hair making it dry and frizzy. Avoid using tight hair ties; instead, opt for scrunchies with cloth around them.
Sleeping on satin pillow covers are known to reduce hair breakage due to friction. Cotton and other materials are quite rough in texture.When drying hair, pat dry. Do not ever rub wet hair. Oil your hair as frequently as you can. Oiling the scalp is good for your hair.

Lastly, use cold water to wash your hair.


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