Have you ever wondered why your selfie is getting the same number of likes or admirers as your friend? There is a chance that she is more popular. But what if there is a technique that makes your selfies look amazing? We can definitely help you improve the way you take your selfies. Check out the tips and techniques below:

Let the angle do the talking

Experiment with different poses before you click that one selfie that really accentuates your features. With just a few degrees of head tilt, your features can look way more attractive. You’ll have to discover your own personal poses through trial and error. By taking the selfie from slightly above the head, you can avoid flatness of your pictures.

Light up your face

Lighting is one of the main components of photography and selfies are not exempted. Natural light is the best, so park yourself near a source of natural light – window, balcony, terrace, park, you get the idea. Tempted as you may be, avoid fluorescent lights.

Go for the softer lights

Candles never go out of fashion! Also, please avoid the flash unless you are using Snapchat flash.

There’s a right side for your profile

We know a selfie is all about you but the right background can get you the added likes. It goes almost without saying then that your background should be clean. Especially, if you’re taking a selfie in your room, clean it up before you click. Having a clean and attractive background can get your selfie some brownie points and it is all about scoring with your selfie!

Underwater Selfie

Pilot Selfie

Diving Selfie

Adventure Selfie

Selfie from the Top of the Dubai Marina Building in Dubai

Fighter Pilot Selfie

Biker Selfie

Selfies are super easy to take, right? WRONG. There are skills and logistics involved to taking a great selfie: angles, facial expressions, background setting, people involved; you really need to build up a good selfie game! That’s why we’ve broken down the top 11 ways you can really learn the basics of taking an Instagram-tastic selfie below. So put down that camera and do some mandatory selfie homework before snapping and posting another pic!


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